Where to place the snake plant in feng shui?

Feng shui principle proposes an excellent place to keep the indoor snake plant is to put it near the entryway, home office, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen top.

Snake plants will improve the home’s positivity and support, enhancing the well-being of people living in the family.

snake plant in office room
Snake plant placed in home office room

There are quite a few places where you can place the snake plants in the home. However, the snake plant makes the space useful because it improves aesthetics. Also, once the plant is placed in the house, you do not need to spend your time managing the plant. 

Snake plant grows in minimum water. It doesn’t require special care, regular maintenance, or even the water supply. It stays in the place quietly. 

Once you pour the water, the soil will hold the water for days. Water should be added after the soil is fully dry.

So you can see the maintenance of the snake plant is relatively low and doesn’t need more attention. There is no need to consider whether the plant can survive in particular room size. Pot can be placed in any room, and snake plants will grow comfortably.

Where to place A Snake Plant to create good feng shui?

As per the feng shui principle, the elements should be placed in the Bagua area. The Bagua refers to the positive energy source in the room. The indoor space connects all the positive and negative energy in your life. 

Placing the snake plant in the Bagua area, the positive energy will take over the negative elements in the room and help the home to thrive. Also, the snake plant grows with beautiful-looking leaves that grow vertically. While the plant is improving its beauty, it will make a living or office space vibrant.

As per the Feng Shui Principle, all the natural elements are considered the driving force of positive energy. It offers healing power to the place and makes the surrounding area more peaceful. Hence, plant placement is essential and helps aid people around it. 

snake plant feng shui
Snake plant placed in the house

All the plants are nourishing, and they offer a good ambiance in the home. Wherever you find your home becoming dull or showing signs of negative energy, you can place the plant to mitigate the results and get positive power restored.

The South Area

As per the Feng Shui principles, the South Area represents the element of fire. Snake plants in the area will gain fire energy. It translates into the energy that brings good decision-making power. People living in the home will become more courageous. 

Large size snake plants would need more space to grow. As Feng Shui, the large plant brings negative energy to a home. So instead of placing it in the South area, you can have it in the southwest area of the house. 

Living Room and Entry Halls

The living room is the most active place in the house. It is exposed to everyone who enters the home; thus, placing snake plants in the living room or entry halls would make the place look beautiful. 

Feng Shui principle suggests the plant should be kept on the living room table, mantels, windowsills, or shelves. If you have large size snake plant that could not fit on the shelves, then put that in the front door.

snake plant in living room
Snake plant placed in the living room

Southeast and East areas

As per the Feng Shui ideology, the Southeast and East areas represent the Wood element. Any indoor plant is part of the wood element. The Placement of the snake plant would bring positive energy to the room. People living in the house will become more creative and desire to work in something that requires more brain power. 

Snake plant will support you in growing in personal and professional life. You will be more motivated to follow your passion. Avoid placing large snake plants as they may spoil everything because large snake plants attract too much energy, adversely impacting your life.

Dining room

The whole family comes together in the dining room for a meal of the day. Placing the snake plant in the dining room will help develop wealth naturally. Also, there is a widespread belief that placing the plants that bear fruits may improve the flow of positive energy in the room. Place the small snake plant pot on the dining table or shelves, always above the ground.

Snake plant placed in the Dining room

Where is the best place for snake plants in feng shui?

The feng shui principle supports the live plant to be placed in the room to enhance the positive energy in the home. It is recommended to place the snake plant in the Southeastern area. Alternatively, you can choose southern and eastern corners to have small pots of snake plants. 

In Chinese culture, the house plants are grown to create a positive atmosphere. It is believed that the live plant keeps the evil force away. Snake plants are considered the Eight Gods conferred their eight virtues as gifts.

Whoever possesses these plants gets quick success in terms of wealth and improves well being of the people living in the house.

Is snake plant lucky in feng shui?

Yes. As per the Feng Shui principle, the wood element is lucky for the home. As the snake plant is also part of the wood element, it brings growth.

Having the snake plant in the right place in the house will direct the family towards unlimited prosperity because the direction of the snake plant is always upward. 

The shapes of the snake plant also represent the upward rise. All these characteristics make the plant a perfect candidate to represent the wood element in the Feng Shui philosophy.

What are the things to avoid as per the Feng Shui philosophy?

You should be aware of certain aspects when you decide to place a snake plant in the home. These small mistakes could affect the living space and slow down your growth in life. Thus, it would be best to make a conscious decision when placing the plant indoors.

Fake Snake plants

Fake snake plants are the easiest way to improve the home’s aesthetic. Although, the plant doesn’t bring any value to the house. You may get these plants cheaply, but having the live plant in the home is more attractive and pleasing.

Do not consider the indoor plants only for decorative purposes; the live plants do more than improve the aesthetic of your home. 

Moreover, the Feng Shui principle doesn’t support the fake plant idealogy. Although the fake snake plant will not bring negative energy, it will not even help drive positive energy. 

The live plant produces a vibration that affects the lives of people positively. You will not have such a brilliant experience with fake plants.

Dying Snake Plants

Live snake plants need proper care; else, they will start dying. It would be best if you did not neglect dying snake plants. Plant in bad conditions could attract negative energy to the home. 

Snake plants are preferable for indoor gardening because they can also live in dark areas. Also, the plant doesn’t require much water supply and sunlight. 

So you can grow them in all kinds of environments. Keep the snake plant healthy to maintain positive energy around the home. 

Avoid over-watering because the snake plant is produced in a hot region with a limited water supply. Too much water near the roots would stress the plant and cause a negative impact on its growth.

dying snake plant
When you observe signs of poor health in your snake plant, take immediate action to revive its condition and restore its vibrant green color.

When you find the snake plant is in bad health, please do not ignore it. Do everything to revive its health and make it green again.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to remove it from the house and put it in the open space where the plant will receive sufficient sunlight. Use fertilizer at a moderated amount to boost the plant’s growth again. You can move this back to the house when the plant is fully recovered. 

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